Whatever your lawn needs, Barefoot Grass?  can help! Our professional staff provides a complete lawn health care program to commercial or residential properties. From your initial consultation to the completion of each application, we have the working knowledge that you can trust and the years of experience that you can rely on.

Our services include:

  • Fertilizer & Weed Control Program: Our lawn care maintenance professionals will keep your property in optimum condition. Regular maintenance of your lawn and garden will help to increase the value of your property. We use only the finest products formulated to meet our local soil conditions. Our 7 step tailored program is designed to get the best possible weed control in your lawn. Our spring application which includes fertilizer with pre-emergent for the best possible protection against crabgrass & broadleaf weeds. Early spring is the time to start building a barrier against some of the toughest weeds that are ready to grow in your lawn.  


  • Lawn Insect Control: There are  many insects that love to destroy turf from surface feeding insects to subsurface feeding insects. The insects prefer healthy lawns over neglected lawns. Why? If the insects see a lawn is nice and green the insect knows there will be food, water, and cover there for them and their eggs. This is why we recommend all lawn get insect protection. Stop insect damage before they start. It will also save you alot of money  and time from costly repairs.


  • Lawn Disease Control: There are several diseases that can destroy your lawn, brown patch, dollar spot, fairy ring, leaf spot, powery mildew, pythium blight, red thread, rust, slime mold, snow mold, summer patch, necrotic ring spot, just to name a few. But in the case of diseases we recommend waiting to see if you are going to have a problem, if you by chance you end up with one of these diseases we will evaluate the problem and determine if you may need to treat it. In some cases the lawn may out grow these problems or need several applications to suppress the problem long enough for the lawn to recover. 
  • Tree Program: The tree programs are tailored to the individual trees. The larger trees may be treated different than the smaller trees. The larger trees may be injected thru the bark to maximum insect protection for up to 2 years. This is one thing that can not be done on the smaller trees. The 5 step program will include dormant oil spraying, insect protection, and deep root feedings. All applications are formulated to get the maximum tree health for your tree. 
  • Shrub Program: The shrub programs are tailored to the individual shrubs. Some shrubs will need more food than others due to types of shrubs they are and where they are planted. The 5 step program will include dormant oil spraying, insect protection, and deep root feedings. All applications are formulated to get the maximum shrub health for your shrubs.
  • Core Aeration: Your lawn has over 2 billion miles of  roots. The most effective way to get water, oxygen, & fertilizer to the root system is core aeration. The stronger the root system the better the lawn will rebound in stressed conditions. The benifits of spring aeration are: we will be creating thousands of holes early in the spring allowing the lawn to breath. Also the holes will capture water and fertilizer (that would other wise run off) and move it straight to the root zone where it is needed the most. Studies show that spring time aeration increase turf density. The benifits of late fall aeration are: the thousands of holes we will be creating will fill with water, the water will freeze and expand breaking the soil lose even more than just aerating. The less compacted the soil the better chance the root system will have growing deep roots. We would recommed to all home owners to have their lawns aerated once a year in the fall.   
  • Slit Seeding: Lawns can have bare patches or thin turf areas forany number of reasons, drought, thatch build up, disease, or insect damage to name a few. When lawn renovation is needed slit seeding can slove the proplem quickly. Slit seeding is done by a machine with slicing knifes that cut through thatch and open a slit 1/4 inch into the soil. The hopper then drops seed into the slits. This method allows the grass seed to be planted directly into the soil, thus greatly enhancing germination. When planting any grass seed always consider planting grass that will be insect and disease resistance. 
  • Overseeding: Lawns can have bare patches or thin turf areas forany number of reasons, drought, thatch build up, disease, or insect damage to name a few. Overseeding after a aeration is a good way to help repair some thin spots. This will also increase turf denisty to a thin lawn. This is a step often overlooked as a way to start preparing for a better lawn for the next year. We recommend overseeding in the early fall.
  • Lawn Repair: Lawns can have bare patches or thin turf areas forany number of reasons, drought, thatch build up, disease, or insect damage to name a few. Slit seeding or aeration with overseeding are both good way to rejuvenate your lawn. Slit seeding is the most effective but if you need to save a little money aeration with over seeding is a great option.
  • Lime Treatment Program: If a soil test indicates lime is needed we will be able to make sure you get what you need to balance the soil for maximum growing conditions.
  • Perimeter Pest Control Program: A series of 4 treatments creating a season long insect shield around the perimeter of your home. Preventing crawling insects such as ants, spiders, crickets, centipedes, earwigs, and other annoying insect from nesting near or invading your home. These outdoor applications are colorless, odorless and have a very low toxicity to your family and pets. They are not harmful to soil, flowers, trees, shrubs, & lawns. They may help protect your valuable landscaping from some plant eating insects. 


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